Middle Eastern Charcuterie Board

With the relentless heat and humidity we are experiencing in South Eastern Queensland, the last thing I wanted to do tonight was run the oven. Cold dinners are the only thing I can stomach at the moment. This type of meal is infinitely adaptable and turns boring sandwich meats into a classy, family style, shareable experience. The kids love that most of the elements are finger-foods and I love the opportunity to serve them wholesome, fibre-rich nuts and fruits for dinner. I served this meal alongside pita pockets (good for stuffing) but you can offer other types of sliced bread, baguette or crackers.


Fresh grapes on the vine

Fresh fruit of any other kind like raspberries

Dried Apricots

Walnuts (raw or lightly toasted)


Salami rolls

Sliced cheese rolls


Pita bread

Fried halloumi

1 serve of Labneh


Arrange elements on decorative plate or board. Serve with pita bread.

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