My name is Lindsay and I’m a busy mum and healthy food pilgrim living in Gold Coast, Australia. I’m always on the hunt for creative, nutritious meals to feed my hungry family. I’m always researching recipes with appealing flavours, and which can support me on my journey to maintain a normal BMI. While I gravitate towards vegetarian and Mediterranean flavours, my style is decidedly pantheistic.

I was raised in a Lebanese family in Montreal, Canada, which is predominantly French. As a youngster, the dinner table was always covered with big steaming plates of baked meats, herby salads, and endless varieties of artisan sourdough breads. I learned the value of good butter, and quality olive oil at a young age.

As a transplant to Australia, I am surrounded by quality lamb, avocado, citrus, tomatoes and a variety of confusing tropic fruits. Since I live in a semi-rural location, I am no longer surrounded by a plethora of French bakeries or delicatessens like I was in my hometown. If I want to eat well, I need to make it myself.

Alas, I experiment with sourdoughs, fermenting vegetables, vegan dishes, and flavours from many cultures. I hope you enjoy the recipes and keep in touch!

You can reach me at

Chicken-scallion Dumplings

Once you get the hang of it, making these delectable dumplings is really easy. I buy the round papers from the supermarket and don’t bother to crimp the edges or do anything fancy. Just a border of…

Turkey-Cheddar Burgers

Hold the bun or serve on your favourite seeded one, these are great when you want a break from red meat burgers. Lower cholesterol than beef, turkey also has a lower ecological footprint meaning you can feel…


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