Waking up my starter

It’s time to face the music humble bacteria, time for your 15 minutes of fame. No more lurking about in the bottom shelf of the fridge – time to pull your weight and reach for the stars!

There’s nothing worse that craving pizza with sourdough crust and realising your sourdough is an inert mass of gloopy dough-water.

Yes, sourdough takes a bit of caressing, but it’s FUN people. And it’s also YUM. I have developed a seriously good sourdough pizza crust that I developed from the Bourke Street Bakery cookbook “Bread and Butter Project”

I definitely recommend finding this book and trying some of the recipes in it. They are very accessible and easy to follow. And I had success with baguette which is slightly miraculous.

Anyways this is what my sourdough looked like at 4AM this morning.

Yup, it looked like I felt. Lifeless and tired.

And see that how the sourdough has separated from the water? And this is me in my sleepy state, adding 1/2 cup AP flour with 1/2 cup filtered water to this bad boy:

And THIS is the result 6 hours later:

Magic. The main message is this: if you’re crazy enough to wake up at 4am, you’re crazy enough to keep a sourdough starter going.

One response to “Waking up my starter”

  1. Good job with that tired out starter! I hope its owner is able to revive as much as the starter! Yes, sourdough is a pretty miraculous. I love the smell and the pudding consistency when it is ready to use. On a hot Australian day you must have to feed it multiple times! That is the only drawback! I still use your recipe for sourdough pancakes!


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