Burleigh Market Saturday

Spring has burst forth here in the Gold Coast, and the array of fresh produce is exhilarating. Burleigh Markets is a year round market featuring fresh local produce from around the region.

Today we were thrilled to find plentiful cheap blueberries, mangos, avocados, kale, corn and watermelon.

I couldn’t believe how beautiful these heirloom tomatoes looked. I really had to take a snap.

I am tempted to buy this crate of mangos – they are the kind that make perfect “porcupines”

Honestly I could eat avocados for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are so cheap right now and basically can be spread on bread like butter.

One response to “Burleigh Market Saturday”

  1. Gorgeous! I wish I was there! Make some guacamole with your avocados! Did I give you the recipe for chapatis? Using sourdough discard? Those tomatoes look divine. We had tomatoes and burrata tonight- the last of the garden…good olive oil and basil! What Australian olive oil are you using these days??


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